Have a blast with a new backpack blower

A new trio blows in

Have a blast with a new backpack blower

Available now, three new backpack blowers have joined the STIHL range and simply drive away debris with their hurricane air speed. Usually the domain of professional users, the new backpack models put their great power and performance into more everyday hands. 

A trio of new models

Each new blower has a clear focus on user and task.

So what are the benefits of a backpack blower?

Well great working comfort is one real advantage. Carrying the engine unit ‘backpack style’ makes this type of blower really pleasant to use. As with any good quality backpack, our ergonomically designed and well-padded carrying frame, plus the use of tough yet lightweight components mean you can work comfortably and efficiently with absolute freedom to roam. 

Power is another great strength of the new blowers. Backpack-mounted engines can be larger than on handheld machines, and thus drive higher air speed and air volume.  That means they will blow away more material, quickly and efficiently. Putting their great power into perspective, the new BR 430 blasts out air at 82 m/s – that’s over 180 mph and the equivalent to a Category Five hurricane held in your hand.  

Easy to use

More than great performers, the new backpack blowers are really easy to use right from the off. Start-up for example, is especially simple: pump the fuel primer and flick on the choke, then pull-start the cord and the engine fires up. After that, there is no fiddling between warm and cold starts. In use, the long flexible blower tube incorporates a comfortable ‘trigger’ handle with throttle control, allowing accurate direction of the powerful air blast. 

The new backpack blowers are available now from STIHL Approved Dealers. Click here for full specifications and prices, and talk to your Dealer about which model is best for you.