Hints and Tips

Working safely and effectively

Safety first when mowing - the STIHL Safety concept

Accidents can always happen whenever people work with machines. That is why STIHL has developed a comprehensive safety concept for brushcutter operators. This concept includes all-round safety features on the STIHL machines, appropriate protective clothing and safety accessories. Used in combination, these components provide the operator with optimum protection. The most important points to be noted in this context have been summarised here, together with a few "Golden safety rules":

•Always keep a safe distance of at least 15 metres from any bystanders when mowing grass.
 •The machine, cutting tool and protective features should be inspected regularly to prevent malfunctions.
 •Personal protective equipment should also be checked before starting work to ensure that it is complete and fits correctly.
 •Watch the cutting tool at all times when mowing in order to remain aware of the 'ground conditions' and avoid unpleasant surprises.


STIHL protective clothing - Comfortable to wear, for optimum protection

Safety is an important matter for STIHL. That is why STIHL power tools include comprehensive safety features.

However, it is only the combination of technical safety and personal protective equipment that ensures optimum protection when working with power tools. Further information on our personal protective equipment can be obtained from your local dealer.

Home and Garden

The right way to plant fruit trees.

Planting fruit trees in your own garden is much better than looking at the neighbours' trees!

We have listed some of the most important rules for you to follow:

  • The right planting time - fruit trees can be planted between Autumn and Spring although species which need warmth (apricot or peach trees) should not be planted until after the Winter.
  • Preparing the young tree - the roots of the young tree should preferably stand in water overnight in order to compensate any loss of moisture. Damaged or rotten roots should be cut off.
  • Preparing the ground - First of all, dig up a spade deep area measuring approx. 2m square. If the soil is hard and compressed, the ground must be dug to a depth of twice the spade and soil piled up around the planting hole. Then loosen the soil at the bottom of the planting hole with your spade.
  • Fertiliser must be incorporated into the loosened or excavated soil, together with compost, or manure.
  • Planting - It is best to plant the young tree with the aid of a second person. Dig a hole approx 40 - 50 cm deep in the soil prepared as described above. The roots must have sufficient space in all directions (do not bend the roots). The tree must not stand deeper than it was in the nursery.
  • A post to support the tree should now be embedded. Stand the tree upright and backfill the excavated soil. Carefully shake or lift the tree from time to time to get rid of any cavities between the roots.
  • Finally, stamp the soil down with your feet and water the tree copiously (even in wet weather).

If you have set up a supporting post the tree should only be tied to the post loosely in order to avoid tension if the tree settles slightly.


Tidying up the garden in no time at all.

When storms shake the trees and a carpet of leaves cover the ground, powerful blowers and vacuum shredders made by STIHL soon tidy things up around the garden. In no time at all mess is swept up, vacuumed and shredded.

The powerful jet of air produced by STIHL hand held blowers quickly clears fallen leaves or hedgetrimmings and lawn mowing debris.

Air shafts, driveways, terraces and car parks can also be swept clean of Autumn leaves. The low weight of the machines makes them easy to handle and for extra convenience, the blower tube is height adjustable to suit the operator's height.

The handy roof gutter cleaning kit, from the special accessories range is particularly useful in Autumn when leaves collect in the gutter and block the down pipe.