New electric hedge trimmers : the quiet cutters

New electric hedge trimmers : the quiet cutters

A smartly clipped hedge makes a tidy impression in any garden. Making that easier to achieve, STIHL has launched two new electric hedge trimmers whose low noise and light weight belie their impressive power. Standing out from the mass of electrics, the newcomers from STIHL are enduring performers with a great cutting edge. 

Easy handling
Uniquely designed by STIHL's in-house team the first thing users will note with the new trimmers is their ergonomic handling and comfortable control. Power switches for example, are set where users' hands naturally sit: one in the rear handgrip and a second that wraps around the front handle's grip. It's a design that enables either left or right-handed use and allows a comfortable grasp when trimming both horizontally along the top and down the sides of a hedge. In use the trimmers' low profile front hand guard has also been carefully designed, protecting hands from branch material without blocking sight of the blades for accurate trimming.   

Quiet performance
Another ‘noticeable' benefit of the new models is their quiet performance, which makes them ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas like urban gardens where neighbours won't be disturbed. Quiet running they may be, but that should not belie their true strengths: impressive performance for a clean cutting edge. The smaller HSE 42 is a 420 watt trimmer with a neat 45 cm (18") cutter bar length and narrow 21 mm tooth spacing – ideal for smaller hedges and with compact manoeuvrability for trimming ornate hedge shapes for example. The HSE 52 has an increased 450 watt power, longer 50 cm (20") cutter bar and wider (23 mm) tooth spacing - perfect for tidying medium sized hedges with ease and with speed. Both models have a good 3,400rpm stroke rate and high quality blades that are laser cut with hardened edges and diamond ground on both sides to give a fast and smooth two-way cut. The HSE 52 features a blade tip protector which does as its name implies; protecting the end of the cutter bar if trimming close to the ground.

Good safety
Protecting the user was another key consideration in development of the new trimmers, and a number of safety features are built into their design. In addition to the dual-switch system that ensures the hedge trimmers only work with both hands on the controls, an elongated, rounded and ‘non-sharp' set of cutters sits parallel to the sharp cutting blades, helping protect the user against accidental cuts. More safety features include a cable strain relief to prevent the ample 10 metre power cord accidentally disconnecting should it receive a sharp tug.

Enduring quality
Among the great benefits of choosing STIHL power tools are their quality of engineering and lasting performance in use. The new electric trimmers are no exception and like all STIHL power tools, have been designed for easy maintenance – not that much is required. The smooth plastic housing is easy to wipe clean and other than occasional blade sharpening no real maintenance should be required. STIHL recommends use of its special resin solvent spray to protect blades from getting ‘gummed-up'; and should the blades eventually need replacing the hedge trimmers are designed to be repairable and for the easy replacement of such parts. In fact STIHL guarantees that all spare parts will be available for all of its machines, even ten years after a model has been superseded or is no longer on sale. How's that for a commitment to the long life of a machine!