, 02/17/2012


STH0160 cordless trimmers

STIHL akku FSA Zoom

STIHL goes quiet with lithium-ion grass trimmers 
STIHL has expanded its range of cordless power tools using lithium-ion battery technology with the addition of two grass trimmers. Powered by rechargeable 36-volt lithium-ion batteries, the FSA 65 and FSA 85 trimmers deliver top-class cutting performance with low noise and zero engine exhaust emissions. 
The FSA 65 and FSA 85 form part of the new STIHL cordless power tool range, which also includes a chainsaw, hedge trimmers and a handheld blower. Aimed at professional and demanding occasional users, they are particularly suited to use in noise-restricted and enclosed areas such as schools, nursery schools, parks, hospitals, golf courses, cemeteries. 
With the easy-to-use FSA 65 and FSA 85, there is no more fuel mixing, no power cables, and greatly reduced engine maintenance. Plus, high cutting speeds enable the user to complete trimming tasks quickly.  
Designed for operator comfort, the trimmers are lightweight with excellent balance and low vibrations. Both have a hanging slot for easy storage, as well as a loop handle that adjusts without the use of tools. 
STIHL's time-proven lithium-ion technology offers a choice between three battery packs and two chargers, one of which is rapid charging. The batteries are characterised by a high cell voltage, low weight, a low rate of self-discharge and a long life without cell memory. The trimmers will run at full speed until the battery is depleted, with no gradual drop in power. 
Batteries can be charged and partially recharged several hundred times without significant loss of capacity.   
The curved-shaft FSA 65 and straight-shaft FSA 85 use the same easy to use AutoCut C 4-2 mowing head and line, but the FSA 85 delivers a bigger cutting arc and offers continuously variable speed adjustment. 
Depending on the model and battery chosen, a lawn of up to 250 m2 can be given a clean cut without having to recharge the battery.
For more information, look up STIHL in your local directory, contact STIHL toll free on 0800 336 996 or visit www.stihl.co.za.

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