STIHL launches its lightest petrol hedge trimmers ever

STIHL launches its lightest petrol hedge trimmers ever

Anyone wanting a new petrol hedge trimmer should consider one of STIHL's latest models that are tough, light weight and really easy to use. 

The lightest petrol model in the quality STIHL range, the new HS 46 C-E weighs just 4.3kg, and whilst it may be lightweight, its performance certainly is not. Its 22cc engine delivers plenty of power, and its sharp high quality cutters tackle even thumb-sized branches with ease. 

Adding an extra 5cm to its cutting blade length, the HS 56 C-E is the second new petrol model to arrive this year; at only 4.5kg it still weighs less than any other in the quality STIHL range. 

Whilst physical weight and great balance are important to a hedge trimmer's design, they are not the only factors affecting comfort in use. To be truly pleasant to work with a hedge trimmer must also be easy to start and operate, and the new models certainly are thanks to some great innovations and a hedge trimmer world-first from STIHL. A simple single lever is set comfortably by the thumb, allowing ‘no fiddle' setting of all engine controls.  Combine that with a new and straightforward 3-step starting system and the gentle pull-start of STIHL ErgoStart, and the new models are really simple to work with, right from the off. Once running they are equally enjoyable to use, thanks to an efficient anti-vibration system for smooth control and an eco-efficient engine that means emissions are radically reduced. The STIHL 2-MIX engine in fact, not only cuts emissions by up to 70% compared to a standard 2-stroke engine, it also cuts fuel consumption by up to 20% – making the new models kinder on the pocket as well as on the environment.

Powerful, efficient performance
STIHL is renowned for producing outdoor power tools with a great cutting edge – and the new petrol hedge trimmers are no exception. Both are suited to all-round cutting of a mix of hedge and shrub varieties, with the power to tackle tough material like hawthorn or beech, and to quickly trim for example, a fine conifer hedge. Reciprocating double-sided blades enable an efficient and time-saving two-way cut, and the blades are laser-cut and diamond ground for an ultra-sharp edge. 

The STIHL HS 46 C-E model has a 55cm (22") long cutter bar and its 30mm tooth-spacing will tackle even thumb-sized branches with ease; the blades are sharpened on one side and the second set of teeth have a rounded ‘non-sharp' edge to help protect users against accidental cuts. The STIHL HS 56 C-E model is ideal for larger jobs and land owners' use – offering a step up in cutting performance with a 60cm (24") cutter bar, blades that are sharp on both sides and a slightly wider 34mm tooth spacing. A strong polymer cutter guard covers both sets of sharp teeth – again helping to protect users against inadvertent cuts. Both hedge trimmers feature a blade tip protector, meaning that if the blade tip touches the ground when trimming low level plants, the blades are not damaged and their sharp edge is retained.