The new sweeping machines

Always a clean sweep

The new STIHL KG 550, KG 770 and KGA 770 sweeping machines

Sweeping made easy: with the new sweeping machines from STIHL you can clean paths, parks and driveways six times faster than you can with a broom. Whether for private use around the house (STIHL KG 550) or for professional use on larger areas such as schoolyards, gas stations and warehouses (STIHL KG 770/KGA 770). All three sweeping machines can tackle all kinds of waste – whether it's coarse, fine, heavy or wet.


Features in detail

Features in detail

Comfortable operation: STIHL sweeping machines have a range of clever features that deliver outstanding cleaning results and make sweeping less tiring.

The new STIHL sweeping machines in action The new STIHL sweeping machines in action

In this video, we'll show you how the STIHL sweeping machines easily take care of all kinds of debris.

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