, 04/13/2012


STH0176 laser 2-in-1

STIHL 2 in 1 laser Zoom

STIHL introduces world-first laser system for chainsaws 
Power tool manufacturer STIHL has introduced a world-first laser system designed to simplify tree felling and the cutting of logs. 
Mounted on the handlebar of the chainsaw, the new STIHL Laser 2-in-1 laser system helps to plot the direction of tree fall precisely, while the integral bucking function makes it just as easy to cut the felled tree correctly, says Hayden Hutton, MD of STIHL South Africa.

 "The STIHL Laser 2-in-1 system is not only a valuable tool for forestry professionals and novice tree fellers, but will also assist private users cutting firewood to fit their fireplaces," says Hutton.

Compact and easy to use, it can be fitted or removed via an adapter, without requiring tools. 
Felling aid
"Plotting the direction of fall easily, accurately and reliably, the STIHL Laser 2-in-1 is a great aid to tree felling," says Hutton. "In addition to the gunning sight on STIHL chainsaws, which runs across the fan housing and shroud as a guideline, the laser beam projected on the ground enables the direction of fall to be determined even more reliably." 
The laser system has a wide adjustment range, allowing the laser line to be set according to the particular working situation when felling. This enhances precision and contributes to safe working practices. "The STIHL Laser 2-in-1 is thus not only an ideal tool for experienced users but also a valuable aid to those learning the tricky technique of felling." 
No stopping to measure
The STIHL Laser 2-in-1 is also a handy and time-saving aid to bucking, enabling logs to be cut to the right size without fiddling about with a tape measure. Lengths between 25 and 100 cm can be set quickly and easily. 
The STIHL Laser 2-in-1 is powered by standard batteries that are supplied with the unit. It is easy to switch on and off via a button with an LED indicator. The laser module can be removed with or without the adapter, depending on the job in hand. A bag is also available, allowing users to attach it securely to their belts. 
It is supplied with a DVD, which can also be viewed on the STIHL website, www.stihl.co.za.
In South Africa, the STIHL Laser 2-in-1 is currently available to fit the new 50.2 cc 2.8 kW MS 261 chainsaw. The MS 261 chainsaw is suited to a wide range of applications including forestry, agriculture, construction and horticulture. 
New-generation features of the STIHL MS 261 include a low-emission 2-MIX engine with stratified scavenging, which lowers fuel consumption by up to 20% compared to chainsaws with conventional two-stroke engines; an air-filter system with pre-separation for much longer life, low vibration levels and optimal control behaviour.
For more information,  look up STIHL in your local directory, contact STIHL toll free on 0800 336 996 or visit www.stihl.co.za.

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