Safety glasses


High-quality safety glasses do not just protect your eyes from injury; they also need to be lightweight and comfortable to wear.


If you’re working with chainsaws, brushcutters or other power tools, wearing safety glasses offers reliable protection for your eyes. wood chips, small stones or dust to end up in your eye. Luckily, safety glasses offer reliable protection, which is why they are a vital piece of personal protective equipment. You can find the right glasses for you in the STIHL online shop.


With our FUNCTION, DYNAMIC and ADVANCE series, our selection of safety glasses covers a huge range of applications and demands. In addition, you can also choose between clear or tinted lenses on many models. The clear version are meant to be used like regular glasses when the lighting is poor, whereas the tinted glasses are more like sunglasses for work in bright sunlight. For tricky lighting conditions, we have yellow, orange and red tints available to increase your perception of contrast and help you to see better.

When do I need which tint colour? Safety glasses with yellow lenses make your surroundings look brighter and mean that you can see the space better. These are ideal if it is hazy or dim. If you’re working in a green environment, the colour orange will increase the contrast and will mean you can see better, particularly in shady areas. The red lenses are perfect for working with lasers.


But that’s not all – our high-quality safety glasses have even more to offer. Lots of them absorb up to 100% of damaging UV radiation, are scratch-resistant, do not fog up and provide a distortion-free view so that your eyes don’t get tired.

We have also really considered the ergonomics our of safety glasses. Some models have adjustable arms so that you can fit them to your head, while others have side protection or the ends of the arms are padded. This increases your field of vision and means the glasses are less likely to fall off.

We have also worked hard to make our glasses are light as possible. Some models have a lightweight, sporty fit so that you can keep them on comfortably for hours on end while you’re working and then wear them in your free time for sporting activities too.


If you need to wear prescription glasses for your work, there’s no need to worry – we have safety glasses that you can wear over your normal glasses. These are extremely comfortable to wear as the flexible, soft arms fit close to your face, which also stops them from slipping off while you’re working. What’s more, we also have some models that can be worn with or without glasses.