Garden shredders




With a STIHL garden shredder, you can rapidly convert hard and soft cuttingsfrom trees, shrubs and other plants into valuable mulch or composting material.


In spring, the garden needs to be shaped, and in autumn, some plants still need to be pruned. A STIHL garden shredder or chipper will save you a great deal of time and effort when getting these jobs done. After all, pruning creates a large volume of garden waste. These cuttings take up a lot of space in your garden and often won’t fit in your garden waste bin, meaning you need to take a trip to the tip. It’s a familiar chore, isn’t it? Take a look at our electric and petrol shredders, chippers and mulchers, and you may never need to make that trip again. A powerful STIHL shredder quickly brings order back to your garden. Our garden shredders transform mountains of green waste into useful shredded plant material.

The shredded material offers many benefits:

  • shredding reduces the volume of your cuttings by up to 75%, making disposal or further processing easier.
  • The shredded material can be used to cover the ground, as mulch, or as a fertiliser.
  • Composted shredded material contains valuable nutrients so you don't need to spend money on additional fertiliser.


With a few, simple questions, you can determine which shredder best suits your needs.

  1. Is there a power outlet? If so, you can choose between a petrol-driven or electric garden waste shredder. If not, then you definitely need a petrol shredder.
  2. What type of material do you want to shred? Branches and woody hedge trimmings? Or mixed shredding material containing, leaves, green cuttings, and thin twigs?
  3. Or perhaps both? The type and volume of garden waste are both key factors. It’s worth investing in a powerful petrol shredder or chipper if you have large quantities of garden waste. In our range, you can find compact, emission-free electric garden chipper shredders for smaller quantities of woody material, as well as higher power models for larger quantities of mixed materials
  4. Are you working in an area that is particularly noise-sensitive? Then you should choose a shredder that has a sound-insulated chute or a quiet roller shredder.


All STIHL garden shredders have a sound-insulated chute to help reduce the noise as much as possible. There’s even more on offer from our shredders that have a two-chamber system and turning technology. With the twin-chamber system, you can add harder branches and soft plant cuttings at the same time. Each chamber has its own blade, so you can work really effectively, safe in the knowledge that the quality of the shredded matter will not be affected. STIHL shredders with reversal technology feature shredder blades that can change rotation direction at the touch of a button: this turns the blades in a clockwise direction for harder matter, such as wood and branches, or switch to anti-clockwise to prepare soft garden waste for composting. Distinguishing between the types of material to be shredded protects the blades.


The most common types of shredders are roller shredders and blade shredders. The main difference between the two is the method used to chop the cuttings. With a high-powered STIHL blade shredder, you can effortlessly create valuable mulch from woody and soft plant residue. In this type of shredder, sharp blades rotate quickly to cut plant trimmings into small pieces, which can then be used for mulching for example, or soil cover around your plants. Most STIHL blade shredders reduce shredded material to small pieces using a sandwich blade system, which works with minimum vibration and is equipped with additional wing blades and ripping blades so your garden waste is shredded properly every time.

A roller shredder can process harder material so it’s ready for composting. Cutting rollers inside this machine chop the branches and green waste first before crushing them. The result is organic matter that degrades quickly, as the rollers break up the fibres, making the composting process extremely easy for the responsible micro-organisms. This method produces very little noise, and so this type of shredder is also referred to as a quiet shredder. Another advantage of roller shredders is that they take in your cuttings automatically – there’s no need to push them in when you’re working with branches or other garden waste. You can identify our roller shredders by an ‘L’ in the product designation.