Product registration

We have confidence in the quality and long-term performance of our products! That’s why, when you register your STIHL product, we will extend its warranty by a whole year.

A woman registering her STIHL HSA 56 cordless hedge trimmer using her smartphone

Extend your warranty!

Have you bought a STIHL product in the last month? Then register your new power tool to benefit from a year’s extended warranty free of charge!

All you need for registration is the serial number of your product, as well as the purchase date and the name of your preferred dealer.


Product registration takes five simple steps

STIHL product registration start page
  1. Input the serial number and purchase date
  2. Specify the dealer
  3. Enter your personal data
  4. State your interests (optional)
  5. Check and confirm

Following registration you will receive an email confirmation that you can store together with your invoice, and – in the event of a warranty issue – present this to your STIHL dealer.

Extended warranty conditions

Valid for new STIHL products (with the exception of chargers and batteries) that are bought in South Africa and are registered at within 30 days of purchase.

This extension cannot be combined with other warranty extensions. The confirmation email relating to the registration of your product as well as the purchase invoice stating the serial number must be retained and, in the event of a problem with your power tool after the expiry of the 12 month warranty period, submitted to your dealer. The extended warranty offer is valid for both private and professional users. You can find the STIHL warranty conditions here.

The registered personal data is used for the extended warranty and the mailing of newsletters if you select this option. You can find out more about data protection at STIHL here.

Naaldbomenbos met groene weide op de voorgrond en bergen op de achtergrond

STIHL Newsletter 

When you register, you can also subscribe to our STIHL newsletter and receive information tailored to your needs! This will keep you informed about current promotions and new STIHL products, and you will also receive a variety of tips on how to use your machine.

A man wearing STIHL protective gloves taps his smartphone


Would you like to know where to find the serial number of your power tool, for example? Answers to the most frequently asked questions are provided in the FAQs.