Lawn mowers




With powerful and effective lawn mowers from STIHL, it’s easy to keep on top of your lawn maintenance. Our innovative STIHL lawn mowers make maintaining your lawn easy and convenient.


Everyone has a different idea of what makes a green space perfect. For some, it’s a durable playing field behind the family home, whereas for others it’s an immaculate patch of ornamental grass to be admired in the front garden. Whichever type of lawn you opt for, it needs to be mown regularly. You’ll find a STIHL lawn mower that is the perfect fit for your needs and which will help your grass thrive and look great. Our electric lawn mowers are ideal for areas around the outside of your home, while cordless lawn mowers enable greater flexibility, and petrol-driven lawn mowers offer increased performance. Our range of push and self-propelled lawn mowers contain something for everyone. Order your new lawn care equipment easily and directly from the STIHL online shop in just a few clicks.


Petrol-driven push or self-propelled lawn mowers are particularly suitable for medium-sized and largelawn areas thanks to their high performance and larger cutting width. It’s not just a coincidence that our powerful petrol lawn mowers are the choice of so many landscaping and horticulture professionals, as well as ambitious amateur gardeners. If you decide to join their ranks as a petrol-powered lawn mower owner, you can choose between different power levels and designs to meet your individual requirements. From the energy-saving lawn mower with wheel drive to the practical blade-brake coupling, which you can use to stop

the cutting blade even when the engine is running. With one of our flexible cordless lawn mowers, stay a cut above the rest. After all, with these compact and yet still powerful tools, you’ll always be able to complete your work quietly and emissions-free. When you use one in your own garden, both you and your neighbours will notice the benefits. High-quality STIHL lithium-ion batteries guarantee consistently powerful engine performance while you work. At the same time, the integrated Eco mode ensures that the speed of your lawn mower’s engine is automatically adapted to the power actually required – in other words, your STIHL cordless lawn mower uses less energy while cutting a larger area of lawn.

Our electric lawn mowers are just as quiet and emissions-free in use. Low-noise operation means that electric lawn mowers are also always a great choice for mowing work in residential areas. Our compact models boast lightweight components, a slim design and powerful electric motors. Whether you are taking care of a small area of grass at home or maintaining lawns at other locations with sockets available, you can always complete the task at hand effectively and with ease.


Regardless of the drive type, many of our lawn mowers come with additional comfort functions to make lawn care easier. For example, if you choose a model with a mono comfort handlebar, it can be adjusted to the user’s height without the need for tools. This helpful feature can also be used to save space for storage and transport. The folding grass collection box will also make your work quicker, as it is easy to remove and empty, and the integrated fill level display indicates when the box needs emptying. It’s simple things like this that make lawn mowing less hassle.


We have a wide range of practical accessories for your STIHL push or self-propelled lawn mower. Mulching kits are a great example – you can use these to convert many of our lawn mowers into mulch mowers. And don’t forget – the STIHL online shop is just as useful as the lawn mower accessories themselves. You can buy all of our accessories and lawn mowers whenever you wish online.