Hedge maintenance

When you look after your hedge properly, it becomes a beautiful garden boundary. We explain what hedge maintenance involves in addition to pruning.

Hedge maintenance

If you look after your hedge well, it can grow healthily and fulfil its function. Even in the planning and planting stages, you lay the foundations for successful hedge maintenance – so you should work conscientiously on these aspects and take enough time to implement them correctly. Your planted hedge must be pruned and watered regularly and correctly. Variations in soil quality mean that most hedges also need fertiliser to grow strong and beautiful. If gaps develop even with fertiliser, or if diseased leaves appear in your hedge, you will need to act quickly: there are often simple measures you can take to protect your hedge against pests or diseases and thus save it from major damage.

A woman wearing protective equipment using the STIHL HSA 56 cordless hedge trimmer to trim a hedge

Hedge trimming

It is generally advisable to prune your hedge around twice a year. Some hedges need only be pruned once a year. Please note the following when you are thinking of pruning your hedge: radical pruning is not permitted during the nesting season.
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Woman trimming a box hedge in front of a white house using a STIHL HSA 26 cordless hedge trimmer

Box hedge planting and care

Evergreen box is one of the most popular garden plants in the world thanks to its diverse design options. Read our comprehensive guide to find out how to keep your boxwood looking good all year round.
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