Outdoor care and maintenance in your garden

Outdoor expertise

We know just how to make the best of your own green space. Our expert care and garden maintenance tips will provide all you need for a smart and healthy garden.

Small house with garden; in the foreground, a garden bench on a green lawn

Lawn care

Whatever the season, there’s always a garden job to do. Your lawn in particular needs a lot of love and careful maintenance to look its best. Learn all about how to care for your lawn, the tools you need and the tips that can encourage your lawn to grow healthily.
Lawn care
A woman pruning a hedge

Hedge maintenance: tips and tricks

To make your garden a secluded, private retreat you’ll want to enclose it with some handsome hedging. Our guide to hedge trimming tells you everything you need to know about how to trim correctly, the essential tools, and day-to-day hedge maintenance.
hedge trimming
Pink flowers in a garden in spring

Spring gardening

For healthy trees and a rich harvest: With the correct tree care you can ensure that the trees in your garden are doing well. We explain which tools will help you and which special features need to be considered when pruning fruit trees.
tree care
A man wearing ear protection using a STIHL GHE 140 electric shredder in a garden

How to compost

Gardening always produces waste that needs to be disposed. But where to put shrubbery and old leaves? Why you should not burn your garden waste and how you can dispose it professionally instead, we have summarised for you.
garden waste disposal