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KMA 135 R
KMA 135 R Cordless KombiEngine – AP SystemKombisystem / Multisystem
The battery-powered KMA 135 R KombiEngine delivers truly professional performance on par with petrol-powered products with reduced noise and zero exhaust emissions
R 8,557.00
FS-KM, AutoCut C 26-2
FS-KM brushcutter KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 3,079.70
FCB-KM edge trimmer
FCB-KM edge trimmer KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 3,792.20
RG-KM rotary cutting head KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 7,988.30
KB-KM bristle brush KombiTool
KB-KM bristle brush KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 6,187.10
BG-KM blower KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 6,215.30
FH-KM 145° shrub cutter
FH-KM 145° scrub cutter KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 7,700.10
HL-KM 145°
HL-KM 145° long-reach hedge trimmer KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 7,700.10
MM 56
MM 56 MultiEngineKombisystem / Multisystem
In combination with the robust STIHL MultiTools, this practical and multitalented engine from completes a huge variety of tasks in lawn care, soil cultivation, and surface cleaning
R 10,595.00
MM FC - Edge trimmer
FC-MM lawn edge trimmer MultiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 824.90
KM 111 R
KM 111 R Petrol KombiEngineKombisystem / Multisystem
The STIHL KM 111 R petrol KombiEngine offers professionals what they need to carry out a wide range of garden and landscape maintenance tasks
R 8,815.00
BF-KM pick tine KombiTool
BF-KM pick tine KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 4,574.00
MM BF - Pick tine
BF-MM pick tine MultiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 624.70
MM BK - Bolo tine
BK-MM bolo tine MultiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 624.70
MM RL - Aerator
RL-MM scarifier MultiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 1,586.30
MM MF - Dethatcher
MF-MM dethatcher MultiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 1,255.90
Kehrwalze KW-MM
KW-MM power sweep MultiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 1,255.90
MM KB - Bristle brush
KB-MM bristle brush MultiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 1,255.90
HT-KM pole pruner KombiTool
HT-KM pole pruner KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 5,476.50
HL-KM 0°
HL-KM 0° long-reach hedge trimmer KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
R 5,047.90
SP-KM harvester
SP-KM harvester KombiToolKombisystem / Multisystem
With two separately angled rakes for easy harvesting of nuts and olives. W
R 7,548.30
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Discover a whole range of different tools with only one engine: with the STIHL KombiSystem and MultiSystem you can access maximum options with minimal effort. Equip yourself for every challenge.


To tackle all your garden jobs you often need many different tools or a system that can do an awful lot. With the STIHL KombiSystem or MultiSystem you have up to 12 different tools readily to hand on a flexible basis, for connection to just one powerful motor. All it takes is a few simple manual steps to fit the tool attachment you need when doing grounds or garden maintenance. Just put together the individual attachment set you need for one of our garden combination power tools,and you'll be able to quickly change it from a long-reach hedge trimmer into a leaf blower, or convert your pick tine into a sweeper.


The STIHL KombiSystem is primarily used for cutting, clearing and trimming work on hedges, trees and at ground level. It is lighter than the MultiSystem and has been designed to be a portable tool that is easy to use. The keystone of the system is the STIHL KombiEngine, for which you can choose the features and performance that suit you, based on your specifications and tasks. Choose from lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre cordless KombiEngine or particularly powerful petrol-driven KombiEngine for professional applications. Both feature excellent performance and innovative technology that will make your work as effortless and convenient as possible. The KombiSystem’s ergonomically shaped multi-function handle and integrated anti-vibration system ensure comfortable and practical handling. They also feature a quick-release coupling so attachments can be removed without tools, helping you to work quickly and efficiently. If you are working for longer periods, you can make your work more comfortable and reduce fatigue by adding a harness.
The powerful MultiEngine is designed exclusively for ground work. It has two handles, so it's easy to guide the MultiSystem over the ground you are working on. With the MultiSystem, the attachments are fixed to an axle under the engine. The additional weight of the STIHL MultiEngine and the resulting pressure it exerts on the ground add to the effectiveness of the various MultiTools available, for example, when scarifying your lawn, sweeping your path or removing moss. A folding frame makes the MultiEngine easy to transport too. The MultiSystem also features a manual fuel pump so it's easier to start and a multi-functional gear box that means it’s easy to switch between forward and reverse.


The following KombiTools are available for work around the home and garden with your petrol or battery-powered KombiEngine:

  • Brushcutters (with AutoCut C 26-2 or with a grass cutting blade) for trimming lawn edges or in tight spots, and also for areas of lawn and tough grass
  • Power sweep (with brim) for clearing paths and driveways
  • Pick tine (for aeration and cultivation)
  • Edge trimmer (with a curved shaft) for precise lawn edges
  • Bristle brush (cleans channels and ridges)
  • Blower (for clearing leaves and debris)
  • Pole pruner (for precise cutting at height)
  • Long-reach hedge trimmer (for shaping cuts or demanding tasks, adjustable by 145°)
  • Long-reach hedge trimmer (with fixed cutting head)
  • Scrub cutter (for mowing and cutting close to the ground, adjustable by 145°)


With a STIHL MultiEngine, you can use different MultiTools for ground work, lawn care and cleaning. Depending on the task at hand, you can choose from:

  • Pick tine (breaks up heavy, loamy soil)
  • Lawn edge trimmer (for clean cuts down to the root system)
  • Bolo tine (loosens rough earth and distributes fine soil)
  • Lawn scarifier (improves root growth)
  • Dethatcher (removes matted grass and thatch from lawns)
  • Bristle brush (for grouted and uneven surfaces)
  • Power sweep (ideal for paths and roads)