Charge and battery management

Enough energy for every application: whether it’s the multi-charger, BottTainer, battery charging cabinet or the STIHL connected system – discover our innovative solutions to help you charge and manage your power tools with ease.

Digital power tool management: STIHL connected

A person accessing relevant system data on their laptop using STIHL connected

Thanks to STIHL connected, you always have an overview of your power tool fleet. Experience digital battery management with ease: you can view the charging status, duration of use, serial number and much more in the STIHL connected App and the STIHL connected Portal.

AP-System icon

The STIHL AP-System: for professional use

The particularly powerful cordless power tools in the STIHL AP-System are especially suitable for daily professional use – it offers the ideal solution for maximum performance, even in adverse weather conditions.

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