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STIHL AX 30 C cleaving hammer: robust with ashwood handle

This robust cleaving hammer from STIHL can be used in a variety of ways: for splitting wood or for driving in wedges, such as the STIHL aluminium felling wedge, to support tree felling. The forged hammer head with reversible head and extra large striking surface make these cleaving hammers versatile tools.

The STIHL AX 30 C cleaving hammer is robust and durable. You can effectively carry out both domestic and professional splitting and felling tasks with this tool. Equipped with an ashwood handle, this 85 cm long hammer weighing 3,000 g sits comfortably in the hand.

Note: For your own safety, do not use a cleaving hammer to drive in steel splitting wedges. Steel must never be used to hammer onto steel.

AX 30 C

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