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Ideal for carburetor adjustments, spark plug assembly and small maintenance work

With its wide range of functions, the STIHL multi-purpose tool is suitable for both domestic users and professionals. A combination socket tool which includes 2 widths, of 19 mm and 13 mm or 19 mm and 16 mm, can be used to loosen spark plugs or to loosen and tighten the nuts on a sprocket cover. With the 3.5 mm flat screwdriver you can easily adjust the carburettor of your STIHL chainsaw. You can also use it to quickly remove oil and dirt residues from the groove of the guide bar, so that your chainsaw continues to run smoothly. The TX 27 Torx screwdriver included in the STIHL multi-function tool as well as the spark plug tool facilitate easy removal and installation of spark plugs and other chainsaw maintenance tasks.

Thanks to the robust plastic housing, the STIHL multi-function tool is completely protected against external influences when folded in. A practical nylon bag with belt loop is also included. This all-purpose assistant is always close at hand.


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