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Technical details

Sound pressure level83 dB(A) 1)
Sound power level91 dB(A) 2)

The MSA 70 C-B cordless chainsaw: Powerful, versatile and balanced

The high-quality STIHL MSA 70 C-B cordless chainsaw is ideal if you would like to prune trees or shrubs at home in your garden or on your property. It can also be used to quickly and effectively carry out a wide range of manual tasks such as cutting beams to length or other work in enclosed spaces. The STIHL MSA 70 C-B works with batteries from the STIHL AK system and is so quiet that you can use it without ear protection and in noise-sensitive areas

Thanks to the standard 30 cm cutting attachment with the 1/4" P Picco Micro 3 (PM3) saw chain and the STIHL Rollomatic E Mini guide bar, you can reliably carry out cleaner and smooth cuts. The low weight of the system and the powerful, energy-efficient EC motor ensure optimum balance and the necessary power. 

You can use the control lever with potentiometer function to continuously adjust the speed of your cordless chainsaw. A soft handle with an Ergo lever gives you a good grip, extra comfort and increases the ergonomics. The cordless chainsaw also features STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning for safe and easy saw chain tensioning without tools. The additional QuickStop Super chain brake increases your safety, as the saw chain stops immediately when you let go of the rear handle. You can keep an eye on the oil level at all times with the transparent oil tank. 

In our overview of STIHL battery life and charging times, you can see how long you can work with your STIHL MSA 70 C-B cordless chainsaw and how long the battery takes to charge. 

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