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MSE 230 C-B electric chainsaw: for building with wood

As an exceptionally powerful, ergonomically optimised electric chainsaw, the STIHL MSE 230 C-B is ideal for woodworking applications in the finishing trade, and will support comfortable and effortless work when sawing and building. This can be seen with the soft start function with starting current limiter, which enables the electric chainsaw to be started even from mains networks. The soft-grip handle and sturdy claw stop also help you to cut precisely even over longer periods of time.

If the motor temperature becomes too high, the overload protection will protect the engine from damage, with an LED indicating when this is active. After a brief cooling phase of approximately one minute, you can continue working again. STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning allows you to retension the saw chain quickly and safely without using tools. This means that the STIHL MSE 230 C-B electric chainsaw is ready to use again straight away. The STIHL Ematic system also ensures high efficiency when working, as it constantly supplies the saw chain with sufficient oil in a targeted manner.

The QuickStop Super chain brake of the MSE 230 C-B electric chainsaw supports safe working, ensuring that the saw chain stops immediately if you remove your hand from the rear handle.
MSE 230 C-BQ

Equipment and function

The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

Chain Quick Tensioning
Chain Quick Tensioning (B)
QuickStop Super Chain Brake (Q)

Technical details

Power output2,3 kW
Oil tank volume200 cm3
Electrical data230 V / 50 HZ (EU, AU, NZ)
Chain pitch3/8"P
Weight4,75 kg

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