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For convenient and efficient shredding work on large areas

The especially powerful STIHL GH 460 C petrol-driven garden shredder is a compact shredder for large volumes of work. It is great for large quantities of mixed shredding material and is absolutely ideal for professional use in landscape maintenance, but also for demanding work in your home garden. You can use this garden shredder to shred hard branches and soft cuttings separately, which is particularly helpful when tackling hedge maintenance, for example.

The powerful engine processes branches up to 75 mm thick which are left over after tree maintenance, into fine wood chips. Even softer cuttings are efficiently shredded into fine particles. Composting these particles will turn them into high-quality organic fertiliser. Thanks to its special 2-chamber system with various blade types, the heavy-duty STIHL GH 460 C shredder is suitable for complex shredding work. To achieve optimal cutting quality based on the shredding material, you can use the separated filling hopper to separately fill the 2 shredder systems in this petrol-driven garden shredder which has special sandwich-type blades. When required, the one-click/one-turn safety switch on the STIHL GH 460 C brings the machine to an immediate stop. The pneumatic tyres and transport handles of the petrol-driven shredder make it easy to transport over the ground.

GH 460 C

Equipment and function

The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

Blades with sandwich construction
Blades with sandwich construction

Technical details

Displacement352 cm3
Engine typeEVC 2000.0
Max. branch diameterup to 75 mm
Weight76 kg
Nominal speed2560 U/min

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