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Technical details

Weight6,23 kg 1)
Cutting length60 cm
Transmission145° / 145°
Displacement24,1 cm3
Performance0,9 kW

Equipment and function

The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

Powerful long-reach hedge trimmer

The HL 94 C-E petrol-driven long-reach hedge trimmer is ideal for professional garden and landscape maintenance as well as demanding domestic work. You can use the long-reach hedge trimmer to cut back very tall, long and wide hedges, and to work effectively near the ground. The loop handle means the STIHL HL 94 C-E offers efficient operation, even in confined spaces. The long-reach hedge trimmer’s lightweight gearbox also supports you during longer work intervals.

Powered by the STIHL 2-MIX engine, you can powerfully and precisely cut thicker branches with the double-sided cutting blades. STIHL ErgoStart makes it easier to get the engine going with less effort, by means of a slower and even start-up process. The manual fuel pump reduces the number of start-up strokes, and therefore accelerates the starting process.

All control elements are integrated into the multi-function handle on the STIHL HL 94 C-E. The STIHL ECOSPEED partial load function enables you to control the engine speed directly on the multi-function handle, so that you can adjust the power to suit your individual requirements when working for longer intervals, whilst also saving fuel. The quick-adjustment system means the cutter bar, which can be swivelled through a total of 145°, can be progressively adjusted in 2 directions and folded parallel to the shaft for transport. An optional STIHL tip protector protects the tip of your STIHL HL 94 C-E cutting attachment from damage when working close to the ground.

The STIHL HL 94 C-E petrol-driven long-reach hedge trimmer has a bar length of 60 cm and a total length of 242 cm.

HL 94 C-E

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