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Technical details

Blade length600mm/24"
Weight3,5 kg 1)
Total length117 cm
Rated voltage36 V
Sound power level85 dB(A) 2)

HSA 60 cordless hedge trimmer: for precise cutting of large garden hedges

With the STIHL HSA 60 cordless hedge trimmer, you can effectively and conveniently prune even large hedges in your domestic grounds and garden maintenance. Thanks to its durable EC engine, the STIHL HSA 60 is a very high-performance hedge trimmer. It works with lithium-ion batteries from the STIHL AK-System. In use, the STIHL HSA 60 impresses with its optimum balance and comfortable and ergonomic operation.

You can turn the multi-function handle 90° to the left or right at the push of a button. In this way, your STIHL HSA 60 enables you to cut highly ergonomically in different directions, for example when pruning to the side or at head height. The loop handle supports effortless use of the HSA 60. You can also operate and guide your hedge trimmer easily with either your left or right hand. The laser-cut, diamond-ground and hardened cutting blades enable you to cut and trim large hedges, shrubs and other plants precisely and quickly. Thanks to the teardrop-shaped blade geometry with 34 mm tooth spacing, branches are held in the cutting blade and cut cleanly with excellent cutting performance.

If tough branches get stuck in the cutting blades, you can start the anti-block system by simply pressing the main switch, and this will enable the cutting blades to run freely again by changing the rotation direction. The STIHL anti-vibration system reduces vibration at the handles, protecting your muscles and joints and enabling you to complete longer periods of use with ease.

When cutting near the ground, for example, the cutting attachment is protected by the screw-on tip protector.

The HSA 60 cordless hedge trimmer has a bar length of 60 cm.

Check out our overview of STIHL battery life and charging times to see how long you can work with your STIHL HSA 60 R cordless hedge trimmer and how long the battery you are using takes to charge.

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