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HSE 61 electric hedge trimmer: rotating handle for full flexibility

The STIHL HSE 61 electric hedge trimmer is suitable for private users wishing to maintain their hedges, box bushes and shrubs in the garden and around the house. With a bar length of 50 cm, the HSE 61 electric hedge trimmer weighs just 3.9 kg and is very flexible and very comfortable to use in all cutting positions, thanks to the five-positionmulti-function handle. The triple switch system allows you to increase the reach of the hedge trimmer by simply moving from the front switch bracket to the rear end of the handle. The single-sided cutting blades cut even slender twigs and brancheswith precision. The laser-cut blades have hardened cutting edges, making them particularly robust and ensuring that they remain sharpfor a long time.

The screw-on tip protector protects the cutting blades from damage when working close to the ground or near walls and other obstacles, while the integrated cut protection supports safe working with the HSE 61 electric hedge trimmer. The integrated cable strain relief ensures that the power tool does not come unplugged if you pull the cable while working. Our video on how to carry out trapezoidal cutting on a hedge shows how versatile the STIHL HSE 61 electric hedge trimmer truly is.

Optional accessories such as the STIHL catcher plate allow you to collect cuttings directly on the blade of your STIHL HSE 61, for example.

The STIHL HSE 61 electric hedge trimmer is available in twobar lengths of 50 cm and 60 cm.

HSE 61, 50 cm

Equipment and function

The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

5-position rotary handle

Technical details

Rated voltage230-240 V
Performance500 W
Total length113 cm
Power consumption500 W
Electrical power500 W

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