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Technical details

Weight1,8 kg 1)

BG-KM leaf blower: clears paths of leaves and grass clippings

The STIHL BG-KM blower is a lightweight and efficient KombiTool for a wide range of applications in grounds maintenance and municipal areas. It is suitable for use as a leaf blower by professional users, but can also be used by private home and garden owners to clear paths and surfaces of leaves and grass clippings. When connected to one of the powerful STIHL KombiEngines, it delivers high blowing power. The STIHL BG-KM blower increases the total tool weight by just 1.8 kg, making it ideal for longer periods of use. Thanks to its length of 89 cm, the STIHL BG-KM means you can maintain a relaxed working posture.

For large-area leaf blowing work, you can use the optional STIHL curved flat nozzle instead of the standard round nozzle.

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