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HT-KM pole pruner: the KombiTool for precise tree pruning

The easy-to-handle STIHL HT-KM pole pruner is an efficient tool for professional landscapers, municipal operations and fruit growers alike. It can be used to saw higher branches while standing comfortably on the ground,for example as part of tree maintenance.

The KombiTool has a total length of 126 cm, with which you can reach branches at heights up to 3 m. To access particularly difficult and even higher areas, you can retrofit the HT-KM pole pruner with a STIHL carbon-fibre shaft extension for an additional 100 cm of reach. The power tool comes with a robust branch hook which can be used to grip and remove loose cuttings. The compact and lightweight design of the HT-KM pole pruner, which weighs just 1.3 kg, facilitates ergonomic working. Thanks to the proven quality of the STIHL saw chain and integrated direction guide, you will be able to make the right cuts quickly and precisely.

The STIHL HT-KM pole pruner is a KombiTool for the STIHL KombiSystem, meaning it fits all STIHL KombiEngines such as the STIHL KM 94 RC-E. Thanks to the quick coupling mechanism with clamping screw, the tool and the engine can be connected in no time.

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