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Technical details

Weight2,5 kg

RG-KM rotary scissors: for low-spin mowing along roads

Similar to a weed-removing brush, the STIHL RG-KM rotary is an efficient tool for landscapers, garden maintenance workers and road maintenance teams, enabling them to effectively remove weeds and grass from gravel, asphalt or paved surfaces.
The STIHL RG-KM rotary cutting head is designed for low-spin mowing: unlike with rotating mowing lines, the upper and lower blades of the cutting head are offset from each other by approximately 30°, and move back and forth. This means low rotational energy which barely disturbs any stones when working on roads, car parks and kerbs. This means you need only maintain a small safety distance of 3 m from objects and vehicles or 5 m from other people when working with the tool.
When used as a weed remover, the RG-KM can remove weeds effectively and easily. If you would like to see this KombiTool in use, you can watch our video about usingthe STIHL RG-KM. You can also work for long periods without interruption, as the KombiTool does not tend to clog or get entangled in cuttings. If you want to beat weeds, you’ll find that the rotary cutting head is comfortable and effective for long-term use.
The RG-KM rotary cutting head is part of the STIHL KombiSystem, and can be connected quickly and without tools to the powerful STIHL KM 111 R or the KMA 135 R.

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