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BGA 60 cordless leaf blower: Powerful with convenient blower tube length adjustment

For ambitious domestic users, the BGA 60 cordless leaf blower from STIHL is the perfect tool for clearing leaves, grass, paper and other blowable material from roads, paths, car parks and other dry surfaces.

The STIHL BGA 60 cordless blower has very high cleaning performance, which you can use with optimum control thanks to the variable blowing power. Despite the high output of the efficient EC engine, this blower operates so quietly that you don’t need to wear ear protection. This allows you to also work in residential and noise-sensitive areas.

The battery-driven STIHL BGA 60 leaf blower can be operated using any battery from the STIHL AK system. We recommend using the STIHL AK 30 battery for your work. This leaf blower has a length-adjustable blower tube with a metal ring on its round nozzle.

You can check how long you can work with your STIHL BGA 60 and how long the battery used takes to charge in our overview of STIHL battery life and charging times.


Technical details

Weight2,3 kg 1)
Max. air throughput950 m3/h 2)
Rated voltage36 V
Blowing force15 N 3)
Max. air speed69 m/s

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