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The STIHL PB 10 bypass pruning shears make working in vineyards and orchards particularly convenient. Professionals and private users alike will benefit from the joint-friendly dampers. The retaining grooves on the anvil also support particularly comfortable handling of the PB 10, as they prevent the cuttings from slipping away and thus allow for a precise cut. A sap groove also makes it easier to cut moisture-rich plants.

The forged blades of these secateurs are highly robust and have a small groove on the joint that can be used to apply oil for lubrication. This allows oil to penetrate to the lubrication point in the joint, ensuring that the ease of movement of the cutting head is maintained. The STIHL PB 10 bypass pruning shears are 60 cm long andsuitable for branches up to 35 mm in diameter.

You will also find practical accessories for secateurs, pruning shears, pruning saws and garden pruners, such as the STIHL grinding and dressing stone for the regular maintenance of pruning shears, secateurs and other cutting tools. This will also help you to efficiently and optimally carry out cutting tasks as part of your garden maintenancework.

These pruning shears have been awarded the KWF-Profi quality mark by the Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik e.V. forestry and forestry technology advisory board.

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