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STIHL pruning saws enable you to saw trees, felled trees and construction timber quickly and precisely. STIHL pruning saws offer impressive durability and ergonomic design thanks to the high quality of the materials used. Whether you’re a professional or an ambitious home gardener, this tool brings to your fingertips the capability to work efficiently and effortlessly.

STIHL pruning saws with a straight saw blade enable professionals in horticulture, landscaping and the construction industry to make rapid sawing progress, for example in tree maintenance. The saw blade of these pruning saws, made from impulse-hardened, chrome-plated steel, has a conical shape with 3-sided Japanese toothing. STIHL pruning saws are corrosion-resistant and very versatile. The ergonomic 2-component saw handle helps conserve your energy, especially when working for longer periods.

The standard holster can be mounted on either side of your belt, so you can use your STIHL pruning saw comfortably whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.

STIHL PR pruning saws with a straight saw blade are available in the following variants:

  • STIHL PR 24 with a 24 cm saw blade (art. no. 00008818701) for branches up to 100 mm in diameter
  • STIHL PR 33 with a 33 cm saw blade (art. no. 00008818702) for branches up to 150 mm thick
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