STIHL M-Tronic: optimised start-up, every time

The STIHL M-Tronic engine management system regulates the ignition timing and fuel supply to guarantee reliable starting of your tool - every time.

Close-up of a STIHL MS 261 C-M petrol chainsaw with M-Tronic

STIHL M-Tronic: dependably faultless operation

Whether you’re at the beginning of the job, have been at work for a while or are picking up your STIHL chainsaw after a break, with M-Tronic you can depend on a perfect start-up and full performance straight away. The engine management system ensures automatic precise electronic regulation of the ignition time and fuel metering, even taking external factors into account as it does so – such as temperature, altitude and fuel quality. It means you can concentrate fully on your work and can be sure that your STIHL power tool will be performing to the very best of its ability from the moment it starts. 

A closer look at the STIHL M-Tronic system components 

An overhead view of a tree being cut down with a STIHL MS 261 C-M chainsaw
A man in protective equipment delimbing a felled tree using a STIHL petrol chainsaw with M-Tronic and Light 04 guide bar

The benefits of STIHL M-Tronic for you 

Simple starting

With STIHL M-Tronic, you can get to full speed straight away. The amount of fuel required is precisely calculated by the system and supplied as needed. 

Set once and you’re good to go

STIHL M-Tronic adjusts the amount of fuel in the carburettor for all operating statuses, including start, idle, partial and full throttle – electronically, automatically and tailored to external factors. To make sure you benefit from your M-Tronic system as much as possible, your local STIHL dealer will be happy to help you calibrate the settings before you use your tool for the first time. 

Top engine performance at all times 

Based on the engine temperature and speed, the STIHL M-Tronic control unit continuously checks the operating status of your chainsaw and regulates fuel supply accordingly, so you always get the best possible engine performance.

Outstanding acceleration

Thanks to the electronic regulation of ignition timing and fuel metering, tools with STIHL M- Tronic accelerate quickly and spontaneously – even after a cold start. 

Memory function

STIHL M-Tronic stores the settings from the last time you used your tool – regardless of how much or little time has passed – and retrieves them when you start your chainsaw again. So when the external conditions are the same, full engine performance will be available immediately after you restart. 

STIHL M-Tronic calibration

There’s one thing you need to do to make sure your M-Tronic tool works as effectively as possible: have your STIHL dealer calibrate the M-Tronic on your tool before you use it. The engine management system will only perform to the best of its ability it has been set correctly. If your tool has M-Tronic 3.0, it’s even easy to calibrate it yourself – our video shows you how. 

STIHL M-Tronic 3.0: customer calibration

If there is a change of altitude, or after longer periods in the part-throttle range, the chainsaw output may not reach the expected maximum. If you have been working for a long time and notice that the chainsaw’s output has declined, chainsaws that feature M-Tronic 3.0 give you the option of optimising performance through customer calibration. Doing so means you can reach full output from the first cut and over long periods.

How to calibrate your STIHL chainsaw with M-Tronic 3.0: first, let it warm up briefly. Then switch if off, engage the chain brake, and move the switch to the cold start setting (▴). Then start the chainsaw and let it run for at least 30 seconds, and for 45 seconds at most. Release the chain brake and pull the accelerator throttle until it stops. While you hold the accelerator throttle, the chainsaw will first jump to a speed range of around 10,000 rotations and then to a maximum speed range of around 14,000 rotations. As soon as the speed automatically reduces again, calibration is complete and you can remove your finger from the accelerator throttle. STIHL M-Tronic 3.0 has now optimally adjusted your chainsaw to the current altitude, temperature and fuel quality.

STIHL M-Tronic Reset

If you notice problems during operation of your STIHL tool with M-Tronic, your dealer can quickly and easily access the information from your tool, diagnose problems and perform a reset. However, you can also do an “on the tree” reset yourself if you prefer: make 5 even cross cuts on a log that is around 30 cm in diameter, with your chainsaw at a speed between 8001 and 11,201 rpm. 

A wooded hillside with a lake in the background

STIHL products with M-Tronic

M-Tronic is not available on every STIHL tool, but it does feature across a range of tools with different areas of application. M-tronic is included in the following tools: 

Summary: STIHL M-Tronic 

  • STIHL M-Tronic is an engine management system that precisely regulates ignition timing and fuel metering 
  • Sensors in the engine facilitate high precision 
  • With STIHL M-Tronic you always get the very best engine performance, wherever you’re working 
  • The memory function stores the last-used settings and applies them when the engine is restarted 
  • Once it has been calibrated, STIHL M-Tronic ensures that your engine runs as effectively as possible
  • A range of STIHL products are fitted with M-Tronic