Warranty information of Andreas Stihl (Pty) Ltd

1. Warranty Coverage

A. Any failure due to defect in material or workmanship occurring during the applicable warranty period, subject to the exclusions and limitations below.

2. Warranty Period

The following respective warranty periods apply to STIHL Products.

A. 2 Year warranty on all ignition modules as from 1st January 2002. Lifetime warranty still applicable on all units purchased prior to this date. This applies to all STIHL products. It does not cover ignition modules damaged by incorrect testing procedures.

B. 12 Month warranty period for all goods when used solely for domestic purposes.

C. 6 Month warranty period for all goods when used for professional and Semi-Professional purposes.

D. 3 Month warranty period for all goods when used for Hire, Construction and other related activities. 

3. Persons covered by this warranty

A. The original purchaser, other than resale.

4. Warranty exclusions

A. The use of non-genuine STIHL parts.

B. Repairs carried out by non-authorised dealers.

C. The use of incorrect tools and procedures.

D. Accident, abuse, neglect, incorrect fuel mix, dirt, carburetor adjustment, failure to use the machine in accordance with the owner’s manual.

E. Consumable items such as spark plugs, sprockets, filters, starter cords, etc are not covered by a warranty.

5. Duties of the Customer

A. To maintain the machine correctly as per Owner/Operator manual. 

B. To provide proof of purchase to enable the authorized dealer to assess the item and check the warranty period. 

6. Duties of the Dealer

A. Ensure that the machine is supplied with the correct Owner/Operator Manual, tools and ensure that the customer is confident in the use of the product. 

B. Ensure that the completion of the registration card is done and returned to ANDREAS STIHL (PTY) Ltd. within 14 days of original purchase to validate this warranty. 

7. Duties of the Warrantor

A. To ensure that any defective product or component is supplied at no cost to the consumer.

B. That the work is carried out by the authorized dealer at his normal work flow and to the highest standard. 

C. Should the consumer not receive satisfactory results from the authorized dealer then he may contact ANDREAS STIHL (PTY) Ltd. directly.