Product Recall

STIHL is recalling a limited production range of

  • STIHL FS 85 and FS 85 R Brushcutters
  • STIHL HT 75 Pole Pruners 
  • STIHL KM 85 R KombiEngines


STIHL has ascertained, as a part of regular quality checks, that the flywheel in a limited number of the above-mentioned STIHL machines may have cracks. Failure of this component during the running of the machine poses a projectile hazard to the user or potential bystanders. As a responsible manufacturer, STIHL has therefore decided to recall and repair the affected machines.


All affected machines are listed in the table below.


Part Number Model Serial Numbers fromSerial Numbers to
4137-011-2359 FS 85 370581647370590542
4137-011-2356 FS 85 370625725 370626095
4137-011-2361 FS 85 370579595370644908
4137-011-2353 FS 85 370579175370895996
4137-011-2357 FS 85 R 370596443 370596646
4137-011-2354 FS 85 R 370604594370612916
4138-011-0625 HT 75 370576097370610445
4138-011-0628 HT 75 370878044370889197
4138-011-0626 HT 75 370903150370906182
4137-011-5314 KM 85 R 370641994370642272


If you have purchased an STIHL machine from the above-mentioned serial number ranges in 2021, please discontinue using the machine immediately!


 A damaged flywheel cannot be detected by a visual inspection!


Please contact your local STIHL dealer for a flywheel replacement. This repair is free of charge.

We ask for your understanding for this precautionary measure. Please take this action for your own safety and that of third parties.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your local STIHL dealer.


Find your local STIHL dealer here