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For the STIHL AS System

The STIHL AS 2 battery is the perfect choice for small cordless power tools with a nominal voltage of 10.8 V. In its lightweight and compact design weighing only 220 g, the AS 2 battery generates high performance thanks to its energy capacity of 28 Wh. The AS 2 battery ensures that your STIHL cordless power tool can also be used to perform longer periods of detailed grounds and garden maintenance work without any problems or interruptions. The powerful AS 2 battery has great endurance. You can use the STIHL AL 1 standard charger to charge the battery.

You can use the STIHL AS 2 battery in a variety of ways with almost all power tools in the STIHL AS-System. The only exception here is: it is not compatible with the discontinued STIHL HSA 25 cordless shrub shears.

In our STIHL overview of battery life and charging times, you can see how long you can work with your STIHL cordless power tool and how long the inserted STIHL AS 2 battery takes to charge.

Note: the AS 2 battery is certified in accordance with protection class IPX4.

AS 2 battery

Technical details

Rated voltage11 V
Battery weight0,22 kg
Battery energy content28 W·h
Rated capacity (IEC 61960)2,1 A·h
Rated cell capacity2,6 A·h 1)

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