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Bracket for telescopic shaft: For ergonomic pruning and hedge maintenance

You can simply clamp the STIHL bracket onto the telescopic shaft of your pole pruner or long-reach hedge trimmer. It can then be quickly detached and re-attached to a single-shoulder harness or the STIHL RTS harness. You can move the bracket to find the right position to achieve the best balance. The carrying systems reliably stabilise your work tool and distribute weight optimally across your body.

The STIHL bracket for the telescopic shaft is suitable for the following models:

The STIHL bracket for the telescopic shaft can also be used with the discontinued STIHL HT 101, HT 131 and HTA 85 pole pruners, as well as the STIHL HLA 85 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer. It is even included in the scope of delivery of the STIHL HT 135 and HTA 135 pole pruners, as well as the discontinued STIHL HT 103 and HT 133 pole pruners.
Bracket for telescopic shaft

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