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STIHL Carving E, 1/4" P, 1.1 mm bar: For precise work with the chainsaw

The STIHL E carving guide bar, 1/4" P, 1.1 mm for smaller petrol-driven chainsaws and cordless chainsaws is extremely low-kickback, lightweight and durable. Thanks to the low kickback offered by this STIHL bar, you can always work at a high level of safety, even when making challenging cuts. The lightweight STIHL carving guide bar allows you to guide a carving chainsaw, such as the STIHL MS 151, with precision and endurance, and to always retain control. The properties of the carving guide bar make it ideal for wood carvers, arborists and professional tree climbers.

Markings on the guide bar ensure it is always possible to determine the precise position of the bar tip at any given time. As the bar nose cuts very tight radii, it’s possible to carry out precision cutting work with fine geometries. The three-part STIHL Carving E carving blade with solid stellite tip is 30 cm long and has a groove width of 1.1 mm.

STIHL Carving E

Technical details

Groove Width1,1mm/.043"
Bus bar connection3005
Cutting Length30cm/12"

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