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STIHL covers for the various battery slots are a quick and easy solution to keep your power tools from the STIHL AK-System or STIHL AP-System protected from dust and dirt when not in use. If a power tool is to be stored for a long time, you can prevent contamination getting into the empty battery slot and on the contacts by using these covers made of high-quality plastic.

The STIHL covers can be easily mounted on AK and AP battery slots and are suitable for almost all STIHL cordless power tools in the respective system:

  • Cover for AK-System battery slot (item no. 45206020900), not suitable for STIHL RMA 235 and STIHL RMA 339 cordless lawn mowers and STIHL RLA 240 cordless lawn aerators
  • Cover for AP-System battery slot (item no. 48506020900)

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