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STIHL Duromatic E guide bar, 1.6 mm 3002 bar mount: Robust for demanding applications

The STIHL Duromatic E, 1.6 mm – 3002, is ideal for working with thick wood, such as when felling trees with large trunk diameters. The bar nose is protected with carbide plating, making it highly durable for harvesting wood and other tasks. The STIHL Duromatic E, 1.6 mm guide bar is used with the 3002 bar mount for our largest chainsaw, the STIHL MS 881. This chainsaw bar impresses with its robustness and reliability in professional use, even for demanding tasks.

Duromatic E

Technical details

Groove Width1,3mm/.050",1,6mm/.063"
Bus bar connection3001,3002,3003
Cutting Length105cm/41",120cm/47",43cm/17",50cm/20",63cm/25",75cm/30",90cm/36"

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