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Collect and dispose of dust, dirt and liquids cleanly

STIHL fleece filter bags with dust seal reliably retain dust, dirt and liquids. These robust filter bags feature high-quality processing and are ideal for domestic cleaning in the home or car, as well as professional use with your STIHL wet and dry vacuum cleaner. STIHL filter bags made of tear-resistant fleece can withstand higher loads, both indoors and outdoors, even when you’re vacuuming splinters or chippings. The dust seal supports easy and low-dust disposal.

STIHL fleece filter bags are available in two variants, supplied in practical packs of 5 and suitable for the following electric wet and dry vacuums:
  • Fleece filter bags with dust seal (item no. 49015009007) for STIHL SE 122 E
  • Fleece filter bags with dust seal (item no. 49015009009) for STIHL SE 133 ME
Tip: Benefit from a multiple filter system. An even higher degree of filtration is achieved by combining the STIHL filter bag and STIHL filter element.

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