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For space-saving storage directly on the power tool

With the STIHL flat textile hose with hose holder, you get a low-pressure hose that you can store in a space-saving manner. For use with your STIHL high-pressure cleaner, you can quickly and conveniently unwind the flat textile hose from the robust plastic hose holder and rewind it after work. The 12 m flat textile hose is suitable for low-pressure work. You can store the STIHL hose holder with flat textile hose directly on your STIHL high-pressure cleaner and always have it to hand for the next cleaning tasks.

The flat textile hose with hose holder is suitable for STIHL RE 110 PLUS to STIHL RE 170 PLUS electric high-pressure cleaners.

The hose can also be connected via quick-release coupling to the STIHL RE 80 to STIHL RE 100 high-pressure cleaners, though the hose holder cannot be stored directly on the power tool with these models.
Textilflachschlauch mit Kassette

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