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Mill saw file: sharpens brush knives and scratcher-tooth circular saw blades

The STIHL flat file for brush knives is a very sturdy and durable accessory for sharpening cutting tools. The mill saw file from STIHL has one coarse and one fine sideand is 200 mm long. As a professional or domestic user, you can always precisely sharpen your STIHL brush knife or STIHL scratcher-tooth circular saw blade. With the coarse side, you can quickly get a good sharpening result on the cutting edge of a knife or saw blade. You can sharpen the cutting edge even more precisely thanks to the fine side.

Note: This file is not suitable for cutting tools with carbide blades.

You can use the very sturdy STIHL mill saw file for regular care and maintenance of your STIHL brushcutter.


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