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For high-pressure cleaners

The flexible STIHL pipe cleaning set is ideal for cleaning narrow pipes. You can use the set in a variety of ways with your STIHL electric high-pressure cleaner for professional applications, for example when you want to clean a downpipe. The long, narrow hose means you can effectively loosen deep blockages and dirt even in pipes with small diameters.

A nozzle is already fitted to the STIHL set for pipe cleaning. You can connect the STIHL pipe cleaning set directly to your STIHL high-pressure cleaner using the quick-release coupling already available for professional high-pressure cleaners.

STIHL pipe cleaning sets in 2 lengths are suitable for the following high-pressure cleaners:
  • (Item no. 49255008000), 10 m length, for STIHL RE 232 to STIHL RE 462 PLUS
  • (Item no. 49255008001), 20 m length, for STIHL RE 232 to STIHL RE 462 PLUS
Pipe cleaning set

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