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With the STIHL spiral auger planting bit as an accessory or spare part for your earth auger, you can drill soil holes for sowing your new plants. Thanks to the special cylindrical drill bit, professionals in gardening and landscaping as well as local authorities can effortlessly penetrate even hard soil with their STIHL earth auger. You can then plant new trees and shrubs with less effort and time.

The STIHL spiral auger planting bit is 525 mm long and 150 mm in diameter. It is compatible with the STIHL BT 131 petrol-driven earth auger as well as the discontinued STIHL BT 106, STIHL BT 106 C, STIHL BT 120 C, STIHL BT 121 and STIHL BT 130 earth augers.

Plant spiral earth auger bit

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