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STIHL Rollomatic E Light guide bar, 3/8" P, 1.3 mm: Better balance thanks to innovative design of the lightweight guide bar

The innovative STIHL Rollomatic E Light 3/8" P 1.3 mm lightweight guide bar supports professional working. Its weight is reduced by up to 30% compared to conventional bars. It therefore performs work more efficiently and precisely: for example when carving with chainsaws or cutting firewood. The Rollomatic E Light guide bar, 3/8" P, 1.3 mm consists of 3 extensively hollowed out, electrically welded metal plates, the cavities of which are injected with glass-fibre-reinforced polyamide. This innovative chainsaw bar design makes the STIHL bar lighter and ensures better chainsaw balance. The centre of gravity of a chainsaw such as the STIHL MS 211, is moved closer to the body, relieving the strain on your back. This helps you to work for longer periods of time.

The STIHL Rollomatic E Light, 3/8" P, 1.3 mm is maintenance-free. The closed bearings on the sprocket nose have lifetime lubrication. This means there’s no need for you to re-grease the chainsaw bar.

Technical details

Groove Width1,3mm/.050"
Bus bar connection3005
Number of sprocket teeth9
Cutting Length35cm/14"

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