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STIHL Rollomatic E Mini guide bar, 3/8" P, 1.1 mm: Extra slim and lightweight

The STIHL Rollomatic E Mini, 3/8" P, 1.1 mm is a particularly light and narrow guide bar. It’s great for getting your chainsaw to work even faster and more precisely. For example, you can use this chainsaw guide bar to prune trees, cut back shrubs, saw firewood and fell small trees. Thanks to the increased cutting performance it offers, you’ll expend less energy on all these tasks. The STIHL Rollomatic E Mini, 3/8" P, 1.1 mm is compatible with the delicate STIHL 3/8" Picco Micro Mini 3 saw chain.

Technical details

Groove Width1,1mm/.043"
Bus bar connection3005
Number of sprocket teeth7
Cutting Length30cm/12",35cm/14",40cm/16"

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