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STIHL ULTRASONIC safety glasses offer you protection in accordance with the EN 166 safety requirement. Anti-fog lenses ensure good visibility even in difficult weather conditions. These safety glasses are scratch-resistant, have side protection and offer 100% UV protection.

STIHL ULTRASONIC safety glasses for spectacle-wearers are very well-suited to professional use, for example when working in dusty conditions such as with a STIHL cut-off machine. The clear lens colour means that these glasses can also be used to good effect in poor light conditions. With these STIHL safety glasses for spectacle-wearers, you can adjust the headband to ensure that the safety glasses fit comfortably and snugly against your face.

Further information:
  • Safety requirement: EN 166
  • Ballistic protection class: B (120 m/s)
Please also observe the safety instructions in the user manual for your STIHL power tool.
ULTRASONIC safety goggles - clear

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