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The straight STIHL spray lances allow you to carry out professional cleaning work effectively and conveniently with your STIHL high-pressure cleaner such as a STIHL RE 232 electric high-pressure cleaner. The quick-release coupling allows you to quickly connect one of the robust STIHL spray lances to the STIHL high-pressure cleaner, depending on the relevant cleaning requirements. You can fit a nozzle suitable for your cleaning task such as one of the STIHL fan jet nozzles. This allows you to work in an upright position or access hard-to-reach areas more easily thanks to greater reach. A STIHL nozzle protection cap is recommended for storing STIHL spray lances.

STIHL straight spray lances are available in the following lengths and are compatible with STIHL RE 232 to STIHL RE 462 PLUS electric high-pressure cleaners:
  • (Item no. 49255000960), 350 mm length
  • (Item no. 49255000961), 500 mm length
  • (Item no. 49255000962), 1,070 mm length
  • (Item no. 49255000963), 1,800 mm length
  • (Item no. 49255000964), 2,500 mm length
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