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For SH 56 and SH 86

With the help of the STIHL dust-reducing collection bag, domestic users and professionals can reduce the amount of dust particles swirled into the air when using their STIHL petrol-driven vacuum shredder. This collection bag is ideal for particularly dusty applications with dry, dusty leaves, for example if you want to dispose of older leaves in your garden. The material that is vacuumed and shredded is reliably collected in the STIHL dust-reducing collection bag. The fabric of the collection bag is more finely woven and therefore allows less dust to escape. You can simply attach it to the STIHL vacuum shredder. The 45-litre STIHL dust-reducing collection bag has a zip integrated into the bottom, so you can easily empty the shredded leaves.

The STIHL dust-reducing collection bag is suitable for the following petrol-driven vacuum shredders:


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